This is a very powerful statement of Truth and confession. I honor your candor and I weep for your losing your children this side of heaven. I know they are with Jesus now. And you will see them one day. I hear in your words that you are forgiven and contiuing to be healed by the Savior. We are in an amazing time of awakening and a day of reckoning for those who think and want us to believe that they are better than everyone else. Hah! Are the naive? Deceived? Or just so evil they need to revel in their arrogance to feed the darkness in their souls? Maybe a combo of all three, but I am thinking evil is playing a huge role in their hearts. Today's decision removes the moniker of abortion/death from the document, the law of our land, the US Constitution. It reclaims for us all that we are a nation believing in the UNalienable right endowed by Our Creator of... LIFE !!!

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Jun 26, 2022Liked by Juliette Ochieng

Thank you for the answer I've been searching for for decades. The deception of the evil one to all women involved is a stronghold that has taken 5 decades to break. I'm sorry for your loss but rejoice with you that one day you will join your children for never ending eternity.

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Jun 25, 2022Liked by Juliette Ochieng

🙏 God bless 🙌

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